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Competing for Global Dominance

This long-awaited look about surviving global competition in the 21st
entury focuses on the economic revolution sweeping the globe and the impact it will have on business. Everything from product development, sales, marketing to social media will change due to globalization. It reveals how tomorrow's markets will open up tremendous new opportunities worldwide.

The softcover edition of
Competing for Global Dominance  is available
through in the US,  Canada, Germany, France and Japan.

The book is also available through Barnes&, Ingram and Baker & Taylor for worldwide distribution

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Praise For The Book


“In this powerful book, Jack Katz takes aim at the fundamental concern of all business in the new interconnected world. No one who cares about the future of their company’s growth and economic sustainability can afford to ignore this book.”

Frederic Delbart, Conseiller économique et commercial, Consulate General of Belgian

 “New hope for a world in crisis. For most corporate executives - even for those working in large multinational companies Globalization has been a buzzword of vague content, generating more fear than hope. Following a global crisis, we now need to address survival in a changing world.

With Competing for Global Dominance, Jack Katz brings to the business world some of the most vital keys for global trade, offering a serious and refreshing insight into market entry options, worldwide sales and global advantage.

When most companies are still focusing on traditional markets and business practices, Katz is uncovering new marketing techniques and international trade for the 21st century. This very factual and practical book is a must read for all of us in international business looking to the future for new opportunities and global strength.”

 Jean-Jacques C. Vitrac, International Business & Political Consultant

"Here is all you need to know about winning the battle for opening up new markets in the age of globalization."

Frank Kaiser, Head of country desks: India, Japan and Korea

Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Germany


“Jack Katz has the rare ability to look out over the horizon and see the future that is bearing down on all of us. His vision of globalization and the survival of corporations and individuals is startling and compelling - another outlook for those wishing to compete in global markets.”

Aviad Kamara, President, Israel Operations: Sagent Management and Founder of HiTechCare  


“This critical assessment of international business practices unlocks the paradigms of our global economy and the significance for global partnerships to succeed in our ever changing 21st century economy.”

Tony Marienthal, Chairman European Union ISDN User Forum Users Workshop. Official Auditor European Union Research in Advanced Communications for Europe, European Union Negotiator General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) Uruguay Round /Maastricht Treaty


 “Jack Katz presents a comprehensive guide for businesses who are either contemplating entering the U.S. market or who have already begun the process.  In his book he lays out the foundational legal, cultural, and financial strategies for success.  Too often foreign businesses do not appreciate how much time and money can be lost without a comprehensive guide like this showing them the way.  I highly recommend this book to my clients - both domestic and international.”

Michael Moradzadeh Esq., Rimon Law Group,

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